GRAY – site specific sound walk, 2015. 
It was my contribution to the workshop led by Lara Almarcegui. The walk is designed for the parking building, located in industrial area of Utrecht, that has been built from gray massive rough concrete. During walking up and down through the building you could literally feel imprisoned by the concrete. From the open top floor, you could see far away, but your vision was restricted by misty fogginess, blurring the horizon. I did not use any background sound for the audio, there is only voice speaking to you. Headphones facilitates in this piece two ways: at first they transmit the voice and at the second, when the voice is silent, it restricts the sound coming from outside. I was aiming to emphasize that separation and the situation that you are alone in this journey. The overall mood of the sound walk has a glimpse of George Orwell’s novel, 1984 and by McCarthy Cormac’s book The Road.

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